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MedicoLegal is expanding! We are actively recruiting medical, allied health, and medically related scientists who are interested in this line of professional work.

Our cases range from disability analysis to residuals of trauma, disease causation and contribution from external factors. Our experts may also participate in differentiating disease from trauma in the determination of allocation of fault.

We manage all of the challenging business operations of expert work:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Pricing, fee schedules and terms of engagement
  • Billing and collections
  • Record-keeping
  • Medical records (organization, storage, summaries)
  • Transcription
  • Scheduling
  • Contracting
  • Peer support (research, medical direction)
  • Ombudsman services
  • Office space (examinations, conferencing facilities, meeting rooms)
  • Conflict of interest checks
  • Insurance (errors and omissions for our business operations)
  • Available medical malpractice insurance (if needed)

Please complete the form and submit a copy of your current Curriculum Vitae (CV). One of our medical directors will review it, and our administrative staff will reach out to schedule a video conference interview.

A:  This is a complex business. We streamline it and bring you consulting jobs with a full suite of support. From beginning to end, we know the market, the pricing, the benefits, the pitfalls, and the management.  You know the medicine; we keep you focused on the issues.

  • We have a full time Chief Medical Officer with decades of experience and who is a former orthopaedic surgeon, and an Associate Medical Director who is a board certified cardiologist.
    • Peer review…we actively collaborate with experts to assist in the production of superior reports.
    • Medical direction means fewer hassles and interruptions to you…we handle most questions from clients without bugging you
  • Nurse Case Reviewer
    • Process Control Management
    • Summaries completed
    • Exhibit List completed
    • A review nurse is available to help you at any point in the report generation
  • 24/7 access to administrative support staff
    • No overhead for your practice
    • No additional stress to your office staff
    • We interface with your office staff to schedule and then we handle all the details
    • This is what we do – this is our specialty
  • Billing and Funds Management
    • Direct Deposit available
    • Collections of funds from clients
    • Client contract/terms/conditions all managed for you by us
  • Case Management System/File Share System
    • Turnkey intuitive system, no investment or costs to you. No need for file storage
    • browser based and smartphone app based access to all your cases, documents, images, 24/7
    • versatile file upload and download, including voice files for transcription

The following is a general list of  Provider Specialities that are most commonly requested:

Allergy and Immunology
Anesthesiology – Pain Management
Colorectal Surgery
Emergency Medicine
Family Medicine
General Surgery
Infectious Disease
Internal Medicine
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Occupational Medicine
Occupational Therapy
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Orthopaedic Surgery – General
Orthopaedic Surgery – Spine
Orthopaedic Surgery – Hand & Wrist
Orthopaedic Surgery – Foot & Ankle
Orthopaedic Surgery – Knee
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy
Plastic Surgery
Vascular Surgery