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a. We are supervised by a Chief Medical Officer and medical directors who have extensive experience in the medicolegal realm. All reports are placed through peer review assuring the highest levels of medical and scientific accuracy and precision prior to publication.

b. Our nursing staff and medical staff provides process management at no additional cost to our clients and experts.

c. We have a team of specially trained Registered Nurses that organize, summarize and review all documents to enable the expert to utilize their time most efficiently and effectively.

d. Transcriptionist on staff with over fifteen (15) years of medico-legal experience, assists experts in providing timely reports.

e. All of our experts are board certified in their specialties and we monitor our panels and expert performance continuously. Many of our experts hold licensure in multiple states and are experienced with live testimony in multiple venues including federal courts.

f. MedicoLegal, Inc. maintains expert records with regard to testimony, deposition and payment history with our organization. We assist experts in answering interrogatories posed under both federal and state rules and statutes.

a. Interrogatories directed toward experts are answered promptly and accurately.

b. State mandates/differentials

c. Client staff will not be inundated with document organization, communication with experts, billing issues, etc. Use your employees most efficiently and leave the detail work to our qualified staff.

a. All reports will be reviewed by a Medical Director for inconsistencies, omissions, and errors. This saves your company time, money and resources.

b. Our Quality Control group is specially trained, with over ten (10) years of medico-legal support experience.

Do one of the following:

a. Fill out a “Request A Service” form on our website (our staff will usually answer your request within the hour)

b. Call our office 412-276-6241 and ask for a consultation with one of process specialists.

c. Email info@medicolegalgroup.com and someone from our office will respond usually within the hour.

a. We have over 32 specialties and numerous sub-specialties represented across Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

a. Pennsylvania

b. Ohio

c. West Virginia

d. Maryland

e. New York

f. New Jersey

g. Delaware

h. Michigan

a. Worker’s Compensation

b. Personal Injury

c. Third-Party Liability

d. Medical Malpractice/Negligence

e. Motor Vehicle Accidents

f. Disability Assessments

g. Any type of case involving Loss Evaluation as it pertains to medical issues

a. Notify a member of our support staff (via email or phone) that you wish to retain our services and for which specialty

b. A conflict of care check will be done to ensure that our expert is clear to provide services for your case.

c. Upload all pertinent documents directly to our Case Management System. Our staff can also receive documents via email and DropBox and upload for you.

d. Most services require either prepayment or a retainer. All invoices are presented online, with itemization. Multiple payment channels are supported including direct payment through our e-commerce functionality built in to our case management system.

e. A member of our team will be in communication with you to provide assistance with our process. No cost consultations with a medical director in complex matters assure you of assignment to the most appropriate expert(s).