What is an IME?

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An Independent Medical Exam is a valuable tool in the evaluation of an injured party. A medical practitioner other than the treating physician conducts the exam in order to provide an un-biased expert opinion.

Situations where an IME plays a key role in helping to gather information include workers’ compensation claims, accident and personal injury claims, nursing home negligence claims, disability claims, and occupational/environmental hazard claims.

The medical professionals at Tucker IME can make a range of determinations during a review and exam, depending upon our client needs. Some of the issues we can address include:

    • Cause of injury or illness
    • Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)
    • Relevant pre-existing injuries
    • Medical necessity of care
    • Prognosis
    • Return to work status and identification of work limitations
    • Disability status
    • Impairment ratings