Tucker IME MyCase

Tucker IME MyCase

Dear Tucker IME Client:

I am pleased to announce that we have replaced our document management system with a new and very easy to use system: Tucker IME MyCase. This new system is accessible over the internet by logging into www.TuckerIME.MyCase.com.

Shortly, you will receive a welcome email from Tucker IME MyCase that will include your username and give you instructions as to how to log onto your Dashboard. Once in your Dashboard, you will be able to access the medical records and other documents for each of the cases that you are working on with Tucker IME, allowing for document management, messaging, uploading and downloading. In addition, you will be able to access invoices and either print to pay by mail using a paper check or pay online using an eCheck or a credit card.

Please understand that we are in the process of moving all of our open cases to Tucker IME MyCase. If you log on and do not find one of your cases that you have an urgent need to access, please call us so that we can expedite the process of moving it to the new system. Otherwise, we appreciate your patience as we usher in this exciting new service.

We would like you to enter your correct and current demographics into Tucker IME MyCase.  After you create your account, in the right top corner click the drop down menu next to your name and choose SETTINGS.  Then click CONTACT INFO.  At the bottom of the next screen click EDIT CONTACT INFO.  Please check your information and update, complete, or correct as necessary.

You can also upload medical records for each of your cases directly into Tucker IME MyCase through your Dashboard. You can upload any type of file to the system except for files containing images. Image files will continue to need to be sent to our office on a disk. Again through your Dashboard, any time that you upload medical records please send a message to all staff members assigned to the case to let each of them know of your upload. This is done by clicking on the Send Message icon and selecting the case that you are working on and then checking off their names.

If you experience any problems or need guidance when using Tucker IME MyCase, in addition to contacting our office, you can reference the MyCase Client’s Guide found on our website or contact MyCase support at support@mycase.com or by calling the help line at 1-800-571-8062.

I hope you enjoy using Tucker IME MyCase. The system was invested in with a view toward making your experience with our company far simpler and more efficient.


Eleanor P. McNulty