Barbara Carlson

Barbara Carlson recently joined Medico Legal after 35 years at Carnegie Mellon University as an Academic Coordinator. Her boss at CMU was born in Transylvania and lived to be 96. He was an eminent mathematician, well-known in the Operations Research community. Barb’s role was largely to type equation-rich journal articles, papers and textbooks using a typesetting language called LaTeX.

While working at CMU, she ran a ferret shelter for 15 years (now closed) and managed 10 volunteers, gave invited lectures at several workshops (Pittsburgh, PA; Phoenix, AZ and Anchorage, AK), local humane agencies and various summer programs for children. She also helped start a science fiction organization and local yearly convention. She was registrar for the convention for many years and even served as ConChair for a number of years.

She also helped write, perform, sing and direct a few science fiction parody plays that were put on at the yearly convention. She enjoys public speaking and acting; she counts 2 or more people as an audience. She also has designed (and created) several machine embroidery patterns for science-fiction themed patches for the convention.

She likes working, so rather than retire, she is enjoying the work at Medico Legal where she is free to organize to her heart’s content.

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