What is the role of the physician in an IME?

When a physician is responsible for performing an isolated assessment of an individual’s health or disability for an employer, business, or insurer, a limited patient-physician relationship should be considered to exist. Both “Industry Employed Physicians” (IEPs), who are employed by businesses or insurance companies for the purpose of conducting medical examinations, and Independent Medical Examiners” … Read moreWhat is the role of the physician in an IME?

What is an IME?

An Independent Medical Exam is a valuable tool in the evaluation of an injured party. A medical practitioner other than the treating physician conducts the exam in order to provide an un-biased expert opinion. Situations where an IME plays a key role in helping to gather information include workers’ compensation claims, accident and personal injury … Read moreWhat is an IME?

What is an Independent Medical Records Review?

Medical Records Reviews are the examination and evaluation of records relating to a person’s condition or injury. Attorneys, insurance adjustors and others interested in determining the status of an injured party utilize record reviews.  Records Reviews can address some of the same issues as an IME but usually focus on medical necessity and reasonableness of … Read moreWhat is an Independent Medical Records Review?

What is a Certified Impairment Rating Exam?

Depending upon the jurisdiction, Medical Impairment Ratings may need to be performed by physicians familiar with, and in some cases, registered/certified to perform, ratings that are determined using a guide published by the American Medical Association (AMA). Dr. Tucker is certified in Pennsylvania to perform these examinations. Further, he was a reviewer for the current … Read moreWhat is a Certified Impairment Rating Exam?